Career Decisions: The Road Not Taken

Career decisions can cause you a lot of soul-searching and make you second-guess the choice you decide on after you’ve committed to it. How you choose to handle that dilemma is up to you, of course, but it made me think of a poem by Robert Frost, “The Road Not Taken”: “I shall be telling […]

Facing a Career Crossroads: How Do You Respond?

Decisions that could change your life can be difficult to make, and that’s particularly true of career decisions. In some respects, you have no way of knowing all the possible outcomes of a given career choice at the outset and won’t know exactly how it will shape up until it’s a done deal (hindsight being […]

Job Search Decisions That Work for You

If you’re facing a major decision regarding your job search or career plans, it can sometimes make you feel like running the other direction! That usually happens for one of several reasons, such as: Although you’re not sure you’re ready to make a change, events seem to be propelling you in that general direction–but the […]