Career Challenge: Are You Sure You’re Up for It?

If everything goes smoothly in your career and you don’t run into any major concerns along the way…stop reading, because this post doesn’t apply to you! Pat yourself on the back and keep on doing what you’re doing. It must be working! On the other hand…. Career Challenges Can be Intimidating Most of us can […]

Job & Career Change: If Not Now, When?

As I’ve said before, change can act as a stumbling-block in your career progress and keep you from achieving desirable goals. Change tends to be uncomfortable, and we aren’t always as motivated and committed to it as we need to be. This is true of job change, career change, life change. Sometimes we think we […]

Your Strengths & Employers’ Needs: A Match Made in Heaven?

Remember the image of Atlas holding the world on his shoulders? Fortunately, you don’t need quite that much strength to be successful in your job search and career management. However, you do need strengths that make you an attractive candidate for the companies you’d like to work for, and you need to present those strengths […]

Decisions, Decisions! How They Impact Your Career

Chances are good that you’ve recently made or will soon be making one or more decisions that will impact your career success, although you might not realize that if your decisions are made without looking at them from all sides first. Being clear about what you’re aiming for in terms of career results is sound […]