Your Career Success Depends on Patience

But patience alone won’t do the trick. You also need determination and a healthy dose of ambition. Together, these qualities can propel you to the career success you want. A key question is whether or not you recognize their value and are prepared to put them into practice in your job search and career management […]

Professional Networking is Rarely a Straight Line

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go straight from A to Z in every professional networking encounter? That is, meet person A, develop a rapport, and advance directly to Z, a job lead or really helpful tip–without any delays, digressions, or other distractions? Unfortunately, that’s so seldom the case that I’m doubtful whether it […]

Stable, Long-Term Employment a Myth?

You probably don’t believe there’s such a thing as a long-term, “permanent” job any more. That concept basically fell by the wayside years ago. However, what about more or less stable, long-term employment (ditching the idea of “permanent”)? Unpredictable Career Future Your career success now hinges on an uncertain future, where you can rarely see […]

Career Success–NOT An Overnight Event

If you have your sights set on achieving career success–or perhaps more career success than you’ve achieved so far–remember this: It’s NOT an overnight event. It almost certainly won’t pop up right in front of you without any effort (or very little effort) on your part. As movie great Cecil B. DeMille once said: “The […]

Career Management: You ARE a Small Business

If you’ve ever owned–or worked for–a small business, you know how critical it is to get the word out to your prospective customers about the value you can bring to them. In all probability, no one is going to do this for you. Now switch gears and look at yourself as a job seeker who […]

Don’t Let Uncertainty Unnerve You!

I’m far from the world’s bravest person, so when I say it’s important not to let uncertainty unnerve you, I’m speaking from the heart. It’s true both of your professional life and your personal life. The question is, how do you handle uncertainty to minimize its adverse effects and open up the best possible outcomes […]

Career Management: Goals vs. Resolutions

If you’re hoping to make next year better (more successful) for your career than this year has been, I’d like to make one essential recommendation: Concentrate on goals–and plans to reach them–rather than New Year’s resolutions. You’ll almost certainly be more satisfied at the end of the year if you do that. Why Not Make […]

Career Progress–What Lies Ahead for You?

Does the path to your next job or career destination look vague–disconcertingly unclear or perhaps even intimidating? If so, you’re probably not alone. Although that might not make you feel better, it can be encouraging to realize you aren’t the only one who has faced uncertainty about how to move forward, when to take the […]