Your Career Path: Are You Now Where You Wanted to Be?

According to a recent survey reported on by Express Employment’s Refresh Leadership, only about 7% of respondents say they’re currently where they thought their career path would take them. The article goes on to say, “the vast majority of respondents said their career path has led them somewhere completely different than what they envisioned.” Where […]

Career Management – Pursuit of Excellence, Not Perfection

As the slightly mangled saying goes, “Pobody’s nerfect!” (Translation: “Nobody’s perfect!”) Many of you have probably experienced speed bumps in  your career path over the years. If it was because you misread a cue you think you should have spotted, take a deep breath and cut yourself some slack. I believe that perfection is an […]

Your Career Success Depends on Patience

But patience alone won’t do the trick. You also need determination and a healthy dose of ambition. Together, these qualities can propel you to the career success you want. A key question is whether or not you recognize their value and are prepared to put them into practice in your job search and career management […]

Your Strengths & Employers’ Needs: A Match Made in Heaven?

Remember the image of Atlas holding the world on his shoulders? Fortunately, you don’t need quite that much strength to be successful in your job search and career management. However, you do need strengths that make you an attractive candidate for the companies you’d like to work for, and you need to present those strengths […]

Courage to Move Your Career Forward

If you’re unsatisfied in your current job or career path but staying where you are seems preferable to moving forward into the unknown, it might be time for a dose of courage. That quality doesn’t come in a pill or liquid form, but it can be acquired or developed. Sometimes you might need help to […]

Career Promotions: Prepare-Secure-Perform

Probably not many people would reject the idea of advancing along their career path by achieving promotions. Most of us would probably consider it a good thing–a sign that we’re growing and progressing professionally, not to mention (we hope) financially. The process involved in preparing for and securing a promotion, as well as performing in […]

Not Everyone Needs to be an Executive

The employment trend for years has been to encourage (urge?) everyone to go for a college degree focused on a non-trades career. In fact, skilled trades stopped being even considered as a career path by many people, and those individuals who did choose such a goal have often been looked-down-on. However, that view could need […]

National Career Summit, Nov. 4-15

In lieu of my usual blog post, I’m highlighting the National Career Summit, which begins today and runs through Nov. 15. Registration is free, and the sessions will be recorded–you can listen to the recordings for a “small fee” if you can’t catch the sessions live. Summit Information (Overview): Learn How to Compete in Today’s […]