Job and Career Insurance

You might not think of your career–or your current job–in terms of insurance, except for the insurance you hopefully have from your employer for things like medical and dental expenses. However, as I have mentioned before, life (including work) is uncertain; no one can really predict the future. The wise professional considers what he or […]

New Job, New Career, New Beginnings

So we have now entered a new calendar year, which people often view as the time to make resolutions about what they plan to accomplish before the end of the year. Maybe you are one of those people. If so, I have a different approach to suggest to you–especially since it seems that resolution-makers too […]

Tunnel Vision Can Derail Your Career

One definition of tunnel vision is “narrowness of viewpoint resulting from concentration on a single idea, opinion, etc., to the exclusion of others.” Tunnel vision in relation to career management indicates that you are concentrating too narrowly on something in a way that affects or could affect your career negatively—but what? And how bad could […]

Your 24X7 Job Search–Actively Looking or Not

Technology is sometimes your friend, sometimes not so much. However, one advantage it does give you is the potential for a 24X7 job search, even when you’re not actively looking for a new job. Whether you’re a busy executive or a stay-at-home mom thinking about reentering the work force, you can use various aspects of […]