Too Much Work? What to Do?

Unless you’re Superman or Wonder Woman, a workload overload situation could drive you to distraction–or worse! Since we’ve just started a new year, this might be a great time to evaluate what your work situation is and whether the workload is sustainable through the year ahead. Overwhelmed and No End in Sight When your over-the-top […]

Career Success and Peace on Earth – An Unlikely Combo?

Career success is a worthwhile goal when pursued in the right way and for the right reasons. If you keep in mind that you can achieve it while still respecting the rights and needs of others, you’ll almost certainly find the journey more personally and professionally satisfying. If you’re planning a job search to start […]

Career Challenges: Do You Have the Heart of a Lion?

Sometimes it takes courage to move forward in the face of a career challenge. If you’re feeling some fear, that’s natural, but when it stops you in your tracks, finding a solution is not optional. What you need is to have the heart of a lion. I don’t know anyone who displays courage 100% of […]

Job Search: Are You Being Scammed?

Conducting a job search is challenging enough without sleazy, bottom-feedingĀ  individuals attacking you when you’re especially vulnerable. Even smart people can fall for something that’s not on the up-and-up but has cleverly been made to sound as if it is. When someone offers you an opportunity that seems to be just what you need, you […]

Career Success: What’s Age Got to Do with It?

Ageism is defined by the online Cambridge Dictionary as “unfair treatment of people because of their age.” By and large, of course, that refers to discrimination of “older” people (although there is a smaller sub-set related to young people). Ageism in the workplace rears its ugly head in all too many settings. As a result, […]

Professional Conferences – A Career Success Tool

If a professional conference is well done, it can benefit your long-term career success in multiple ways. Of course, the operative term here is “well done.” Not all conferences are of equal quality. Choose Your Conferences Wisely As I’m about to head off to a 3-day careers industry conference in Annapolis, I can’t help reflecting […]

Frustrated with Your Career or Job?

Are you feeling frustrated, stuck, “lost” or otherwise not happy with your current employment situation or future career prospects? If so, the fact that you’re undoubtedly not alone might not make you feel a whole lot better. “Misery loves company” is not a particularly reassuring or uplifting philosophy! Before I get into this topic further, […]

Are You Proud of Your Work?

Pride is sometimes viewed as a negative emotion, as in someone having an excess of pride that makes him/her somewhat annoying to be around. However, if you think of taking pride in your work–giving it your absolute best, consistently–that doesn’t sound much like a negative, does it? Pride as a Performance Motivator Whether pride is […]