Are You Proud of Your Work?

What Motivates You Concept

Pride is sometimes viewed as a negative emotion, as in someone having an excess of pride that makes him/her somewhat annoying to be around. However, if you think of taking pride in your work–giving it your absolute best, consistently–that doesn’t sound much like a negative, does it? Pride as a Performance Motivator Whether pride is […]

Career Success Takes Hard Work

Determination Overcomes an Obstacle

Sorry, but I don’t believe there’s a proven “easy” path to long-term career success. Most things worth having are worth working for–and do require work, not wishful thinking or a haphazard effort. Your career success falls into that category. I’d actually suspect that most of you “get” this point. You’re not likely to hold your […]

How to Become Nearly Indispensable to Employers

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You probably don’t think you’re really indispensable–most people don’t. However, the uncertainties you might face at work and in your journey to overall career success could prompt you to decide you’d better find a way to become indispensable if you want to make sure you can keep your job. The question is, of course, how […]

Who’s Rooting for Your Career Success?

We Can Do It - 3 People Lifting Words

Do you think that conducting a successful job search means acting as a high-achieving “team of one”? Wrong! In fact, not even close. Of course, there are times when going it alone makes good sense or in some cases is necessary. However, rarely, if ever, will you find that’s the case with your job search. […]

Relationship Mastery and Your Career

Relationship Problems and Solutions Concept

When you look at today’s political and cultural chaos–dissension, name-calling, rigid opinions, and more–you might think it has become the new normal and is unavoidable. Unfortunately, that defeatist outlook plays right into the hands of those individuals and groups that profit from it in some way. (If nothing else, they seem to get a sense […]

Career Marketing Tool Box: What’s In Yours?

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As a rule, employers won’t find you by osmosis (“a subtle or gradual absorption…”) and not just because you’re a potentially great asset to their team. That means action is required on your part if you want to attract their attention. Before you start working on what that action might be, I suggest you do […]

Conflict, Office Politics & Your Career Success

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What do conflict and office politics have to do with your career success? Possibly a lot! And sticking your head in the sand (as the ostrich myth suggests) will not make these issues go away. Office politics might well have elements of conflict embedded, but they aren’t always about confrontation and overtly disruptive behavior within […]

Sharpen Your Career Management Tool Set with a BlueSteps Review

Competitive Advantage

If you’re a savvy senior manager or executive–or any career-minded individual, for that matter–you know you need a strong set of tools to manage your career productively. Even more, if you’re contemplating a search for a new (potentially better) job, you realize it’s wise to tap into as many resources as possible. Because I’m always […]