Are You a High-Engagement/High-Burnout-Risk Employee?

Employee engagement has become a popular buzzword and concept in recent years. Burnout risk has been acknowledged longer than that. However, what happens when the two concepts “collide”? And are you affected by that collision? According to a recent article in Harvard Review, HR and management might be missing the boat in assuming that employee […]

Are You an Engaged Employee?

I have probably talked about this subject before, but employee engagement (or lack thereof) continues to be a topic-of-interest in the employment world…from the perspective of both employers and employees. If you as an employee are not substantially engaged in or with your job and your company, at some point the situation will begin deteriorating. […]

Disengaged Employees or Under-engaged Employees–Is That You?

Although we still see reports about ongoing layoffs and slow-to-hire employers, occasionally a bright spot appears on the horizon. At least, it’s a potential bright spot for would-be job seekers–such as employees who would have left their current job before now if they thought they could. Two new articles on (a recruiter-focused website) suggest […]