Your Job Search and Industry Trend Crystal Ball

Okay, so I made that up. There’s no such thing as a job search and industry trend crystal ball. Nevertheless, that’s one of the responses I received to a recent survey question about how I could do more to help clients–that is, he/she mentioned something about a crystal ball, and I added the rest! I […]

10 Worst Cities for Job Seekers & Other “Fun” Facts

You’ve all seen those article headlines: 10 best, 10 worst, 10 steps to take or avoid, top 10 vacation spots and so on. That’s because we’re apparently suckers for lists (sometimes the number isn’t 10, but the concept still works). For serious job seekers, however, the lists of topics such as best and worst places […]

Job Search, Recruiting and Employment Trends

Depending on where you look, the figures for employment/unemployment and for job search trends that appear to be on the rise can differ considerably. This shows up, for example, in recent items I found on’s Employment Outlook report highlights national and local market forecasts, plus industry and employer trends. Their December report notes […]