Are You Overworked? Underpaid? Unappreciated? Belittled?

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If going to work each day involves dragging yourself out of bed, swallowing an antacid, and gritting your teeth as you head to work–you have a problem! You might be overworked, underpaid, unappreciated, or belittled. This kind of unhappy work situation impacts many people and can make unemployment look almost attractive by comparison. Note that […]

Job Interviews & Salary Negotiation – Winner or Loser?

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Is there one right answer to how to be a winner in job interviews and salary negotiation? Not really. There are many ways to be a winner–or a loser, if you don’t handle the situation well. I should note that before I became self-employed, I never negotiated a┬ásalary as high as 6 figures , so […]

Are All Job Interviews Useless?

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When you line up and go through job interviews, are you wasting your time? This is not an easy question for most of us to answer, although you might have an opinion based on your experience as a candidate (good or bad). Recently I came across an article indicating that companies themselves tend to place […]

Interviews – Job Offers – Negotiation

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Wouldn’t it be great if you only needed one interview to get the job of your dreams and the employer offered a salary that was pushing the top end of your target range? Maybe, but if I were you, I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one! That said, what can and should you do […]

Recruiting Practices & Your Job Search

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If you’ve ever been a job seeker, you know employers don’t design their recruiting practices to make your life easier! While it might not be realistic to expect them to put your interests above their own, why should it be unrealistic to expect them to treat potential employees with respect and make the recruiting/hiring process […]

Resume & Job Interview Black Hole


Have you ever submitted your resume for an opening that matched your qualifications and never received an acknowledgment? Or have you interviewed with a company and never been informed as to the outcome (which obviously meant they hadn’t picked you!)? Companies too often show a lack of respect for candidates who respond to openings by […]

Job Interviews That Go Wrong

You’ve probably had at least one job interview in your career that “went south”–maybe even when you thought you had done well in it. (If not, consider yourself lucky!) Rather than beat yourself up about what seemed like a missed job opportunity, why not treat it as another kind of opportunity–a chance to gather and […]

First Impressions Matter–They Last


In job interviews and on the job, first impressions matter because they last. In fact, they often take effect in an instant but can be difficult to change, if not impossible (depending on how strong they were to begin with). I’m not talking about something like “is my tie straight?” (if you wear one). I’m […]