Company Loyalty–How Much Do You “Owe” Them?

The title of this post is somewhat of a trick question. When a company pays your salary, as agreed when you took the job, you probably do owe them something in return. In other words, in most cases you should deliver whatever you agreed to do in exchange for that salary. On the other hand, […]

Job Interviews–Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Job interviews can be stressful enough without having them go sour because you didn’t ask the right questions–resulting either in no job offer or in being offered and accepting a job that turns out to be a serious miss-fit. You owe it to yourself to go in prepared to ask questions and make them the […]

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Your Job Search

If you’re doing your best to ignore the whole subject of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), this is a heads-up for you. The trend of using ATS for most if not all applicants (and even at senior levels) has become so pervasive, it’s foolhardy to ignore the situation. ATS a Growing Trend As a resume writer […]

Salary Negotiation Trends

It used to be that we said, “The first person who mentions a number [for salary] loses.” Is that still true today? Not according to Liz Ryan, whose article on Forbes titled “How to Negotiate A Job Offer” labels that advice as old-school thinking–true maybe as recently as 1995 but not anymore. As Ryan says, […]

We All Need Appreciation

With Thanksgiving just two days away, I’ve been reflecting on the subject of appreciation (aka gratitude). If you’re at all like me, you might not always remember to express appreciation for the good that has come into your life, your work, etc., from various individuals. Without minimizing any challenges you might be experiencing or anticipating, […]

Got the Job Offer: Now What?

You might be tempted to throw a big, impromptu celebration when you receive a job offer–especially if it comes at the end of a long drought (prolonged unemployment). However, although I am generally an optimist, I caution clients to hold off on the celebration until a few key hurdles have been overcome. It really is […]

Make Your Own Career “Luck”

How big a role does luck play in your career? Is it a good idea to, in essence, put your career on autopilot and trust to luck to work things out advantageously for you? Even if you tend to be a great believer in luck, I have a few words of caution for you: Remember […]

Win the Job Search “Game”

Obviously, you’re not likely to win (capture) every job you apply for during your job search, any more than you will win every game you play outside of work that involves competition. The odds are against achieving 100% success all the time. So sometimes you are going to lose the job search game and maybe […]