Career Advancement: How Are You Doing?

Unless you’re one of those rare individuals who’s perfectly happy chugging along in his or her comfortable groove indefinitely, the thought of career advancement has probably crossed your mind a time or two. In fact, I encourage clients to keep career advancement in play as an ongoing situation, although it doesn’t necessarily have to be […]

No College Degree? Job Search Tip

If you currently lack a college degree and are finding your job search a challenge as a result, you are probably not alone. You might also not find that fact particularly comforting! “Misery loves company” is a well-known saying, but its usefulness in your job search is zero. Knowing you are not alone in a […]

Continuous Job Search–No End in Sight

Years ago you could count on your job search having a beginning, a middle and an ending, just like a good fairy tale. At the conclusion of a job search, you would put all your energy and attention into succeeding in your new job. That would be pretty much it until the next time you […]

Job Leads, Job Clubs and Networking

In the past I have been asked more than once to provide a short presentation at a local job support group. The last time I did one of these was a few years ago, but I think job clubs and job support groups are either one-and-the-same or at least have a lot of similarities. The […]

Job Fit: Things You Should Know

How good a fit is the job you have now? The one you’re pursuing or interviewing for? While we’re at it, how good a fit is the company itself–your current employer or the one you’re aiming for next? If you haven’t asked yourself these questions yet, you really should. Failure to identify the answers can […]

Talent Retention vs. Baby Boomer Retirements–Why You Should Care

Two separate articles on the RecruitingTrends web site today (April 11) touch on different aspects of the same topic, and it’s something you might want or need to pay attention to–regardless of your age or career situation. Basically it seems that job market improvements are causing difficulties and concerns for employers who fear losing key […]

Economy Means Less Relocation for Job Oppportunities and Retirement

According to an article by Michelle Rafter, “Economy Forces Americans to Stay Put” (October 28, 2011), “Hard times are stopping many people from moving for retirement or work, according to Census Bureau data and a new Associated Press/ poll. The current mobility level, or how many Americans move each year, is the lowest since 1948….The […]

Research Target Companies on LinkedIn

By now, I’m assuming you’re already a member of the LinkedIn community. This post is about a way to make that membership work even better for you when you conduct a job search or want to improve your career management techniques. I believe anything that could give you a head-start on the competition for desirable […]