Career Opportunities with a “Catch”

What would you do if the kind of career opportunity you’ve been eagerly seeking suddenly appeared–but it came with a “catch”? That is, it carried some baggage that wasn’t what you wanted. Would you walk away in disappointment or take it and hope for the best? Career opportunity decisions can force choices you’re not sure […]

Why You Need Job Search Referrals

Who needs referrals for a job search? The short answer is, probably almost everyone. What are job search referrals? Basically, they’re leads, tips or whatever you want to call them that point you in the direction of job possibilities–not necessarily directly to such an opportunity, but heading the right way to get there. Why Do […]

Job Search and Housecleaning: An Odd Couple?

I am not necessarily recommending that you start your job search planning by literally cleaning your house, but the combination of the two activities is not such an odd couple as you might think at first. Whether you are the kind of person who finds housecleaning (or cleaning in general) therapeutic–I am not!–you could find […]