Career Planning: Are You On Top of Yours?

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Details of your career planning process might vary from those of other career-minded professionals, because each of you is a unique individual–coming from different backgrounds, possibly targeting different overarching career goals. However, the crux of the matter is: Are you staying on top of your own career planning? What Does Your Career Planning Process Look […]

Your Job Search Plan & “Seasonal” Changes

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In a larger sense, your entire career could be viewed as made up of seasonal shifts, from your first job out of college (spring) to your retirement and possible second-act role (winter).¬† Your job search might not have seasonal changes that correspond closely to those you experience in terms of climate-based alterations throughout the year, […]

“People Helping People” Groups & Your Job Search

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Job search support groups used to be a staple of job seekers when looking for a new job. They’re still around, but maybe not as easy to find as they used to be. On the other hand, I’ve just learned about a different kind of group that isn’t only for job seekers but could serve […]

Career Challenges: Do You Have the Heart of a Lion?


Sometimes it takes courage to move forward in the face of a career challenge. If you’re feeling some fear, that’s natural, but when it stops you in your tracks, finding a solution is not optional. What you need is to have the heart of a lion. I don’t know anyone who displays courage 100% of […]

Problem Solvers in Demand: Job Search & On-the-Job

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You might be counting on your field of professional expertise or specific skill-set to help you land your next great job opportunity, whether it’s an internal promotion or a new job at another company–and you could be right. But you might have another talent that would turn you into a front-runner, even against stiff competition. […]

Employers Have A Short Attention Span – Will They Skip You?

This illustration concept shows the level of ROI. Return of investment is the gains compared to the cost.

Wouldn’t it be great if the employers you’re targeting with your job search/resume submissions would read every word you’ve written and pay close attention to all of them? Never happen! Realistically, that’s about as likely as presidential candidates shaking hands courteously, patting each other on the back, and exchanging friendly smiles–and meaning it! Employer Hiring […]

Are You Ready for Big Changes–Work and Life?

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According to ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus, change is the only constant in life. That might not be much comfort to you if you’re facing upheaval at work, at home, or both! But you can’t stop the tide from coming in just because you don’t want it to happen. Trends that affect both work and personal […]

Job Search: Are You Being Scammed?

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Conducting a job search is challenging enough without sleazy, bottom-feeding¬† individuals attacking you when you’re especially vulnerable. Even smart people can fall for something that’s not on the up-and-up but has cleverly been made to sound as if it is. When someone offers you an opportunity that seems to be just what you need, you […]