Recruiters and Your Job Search

Clients often ask me about using executive recruiters in their job search. My first response frequently addresses a key misconception about what recruiters do and don’t do, followed by a few cautionary pieces of advice. If you’re considering recruiters as part of your job search strategy, you might want to take note of this. Misconceptions […]

Update Your Job Search Strategy

Sometimes we find that we have achieved a comfortable groove with our job search and career management. If that describes you, you might want to consider that a synonym for “groove” is “rut”! Achieving a comfortable groove sounds better than being stuck in a rut, but the concept is still the same. You are basically […]

Weddle’s Golden Rule of Online Networking

Yesterday I was reviewing resumes at a California Job Journal job fair and read an article in their newsletter by employment industry guru Peter Weddle titled, “Give as Good as You Hope to Get.” It raises a great point about job search networking in general and “electronic” networking (via LinkedIn and other social media/internet resources) […]