Technology Advances and Job Search Change

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If you still plan and conduct your job searches the same way you did 10-15 years ago, you probably aren’t getting the traction you used to back then. Some things never change, while others seem to change every time you turn around. If you don’t see the need for significant change in your job search […]

Career Success: “Fair” Compensation – And Can You Get It?

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Financial compensation (salary/wages) might not be the only measurement you use to determine whether you’re in a good place in terms of career success, but it’s often one of the top factors you look at. If you’re out of work and looking or considering a move from your current job for some reason, you’re probably […]

Recruiters and Your Job Search

Job Offers - Man with Many Job Offer Letters

Clients often ask me about using executive recruiters in their job search. My first response frequently addresses a key misconception about what recruiters do and don’t do, followed by a few cautionary pieces of advice. If you’re considering recruiters as part of your job search strategy, you might want to take note of this. Misconceptions […]

Problem Solvers in Demand: Job Search & On-the-Job

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You might be counting on your field of professional expertise or specific skill-set to help you land your next great job opportunity, whether it’s an internal promotion or a new job at another company–and you could be right. But you might have another talent that would turn you into a front-runner, even against stiff competition. […]

Employers Have A Short Attention Span – Will They Skip You?

This illustration concept shows the level of ROI. Return of investment is the gains compared to the cost.

Wouldn’t it be great if the employers you’re targeting with your job search/resume submissions would read every word you’ve written and pay close attention to all of them? Never happen! Realistically, that’s about as likely as presidential candidates shaking hands courteously, patting each other on the back, and exchanging friendly smiles–and meaning it! Employer Hiring […]

Your Job Search: Do You Stand Out?


Once upon a time, you probably received only a handful of emails per day, so you could read each one and quickly dispose of those you weren’t interested in. Then the deluge hit! Now you’re likely to miss something important because it’s buried in the flood of irrelevancy. Something similar can happen with your job […]

Recruiting Practices & Your Job Search

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If you’ve ever been a job seeker, you know employers don’t design their recruiting practices to make your life easier! While it might not be realistic to expect them to put your interests above their own, why should it be unrealistic to expect them to treat potential employees with respect and make the recruiting/hiring process […]

Facing a Career Crossroads: How Do You Respond?

Decisions that could change your life can be difficult to make, and that’s particularly true of career decisions. In some respects, you have no way of knowing all the possible outcomes of a given career choice at the outset and won’t know exactly how it will shape up until it’s a done deal (hindsight being […]