Your Job Search Plan & “Seasonal” Changes

In a larger sense, your entire career could be viewed as made up of seasonal shifts, from your first job out of college (spring) to your retirement and possible second-act role (winter).  Your job search might not have seasonal changes that correspond closely to those you experience in terms of climate-based alterations throughout the year, […]

Your Job Search: Do You Stand Out?

Once upon a time, you probably received only a handful of emails per day, so you could read each one and quickly dispose of those you weren’t interested in. Then the deluge hit! Now you’re likely to miss something important because it’s buried in the flood of irrelevancy. Something similar can happen with your job […]

Career Marketing Tool Box: What’s In Yours?

As a rule, employers won’t find you by osmosis (“a subtle or gradual absorption…”) and not just because you’re a potentially great asset to their team. That means action is required on your part if you want to attract their attention. Before you start working on what that action might be, I suggest you do […]

Job Search Marketing – Who, Me? (Part 2)

The job search marketing strategy and plan aspects touched on in Part 1 barely scratched the surface of what you should consider when you contemplate launching a job search, if you want it to be successful. This time I want to go a little more into a couple of aspects of the job search strategy […]

LinkedIn — Are You Using it “Right” in Your Job Search?

The title of this post is really a trick question. I think there are many ways to use LinkedIn in your job search, not just one “right” method. However, there are also at least several ways of using it “wrong”–which is to say, badly or not at all. Now I’m not going to “beat you […]

Job Search Self-Sabotage

Why would anyone want to sabotage his/her job search? Doing it deliberately makes NO sense. Unfortunately, I’ve talked with a number of people over the years who were doing exactly that–but unconsciously. Too often they end up wandering in a maze of dead-ends and having to retrace their steps, instead of moving strongly toward their […]

Reputation Management and Your Career Success

If you expect to be a top contender for new career opportunities–new job, career change possibilities, and more–you must (not just should) pay attention to your reputation online. It’s a fact that what you don’t know can hurt you. If you don’t stay aware of what’s being said about you in cyberspace, you’re risking a […]

How’s LinkedIn Working for You?

Occasionally I still run across a client who doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile at all or has one that’s barely a skeleton of what it should be. Sometimes it’s because they don’t understand or don’t agree that it’s necessary. But it is. At least it is if you want to be taken seriously as a […]