Job Search Marketing – Who, Me? (Part 2)

The job search marketing strategy and plan aspects touched on in Part 1 barely scratched the surface of what you should consider when you contemplate launching a job search, if you want it to be successful. This time I want to go a little more into a couple of aspects of the job search strategy […]

Network Your Way to Job Interviews and Offers

To some job seekers, “networking” is almost a dirty word–something they want to avoid like the plague. This isn’t a new thought; we’ve been around this track a few times before. However, in the unpredictable times we live in now, seemingly old methods can become new again, at least in terms of their importance to […]

Warm Networking, Not Cold-Calling

When you attend so-called networking events, you most likely don’t have a chance to gen-up on the other attendees ahead of time or give them an opportunity to do the same about you. That’s what I’ve labeled cold-call networking. On the other hand, when you schedule a conversation with someone you haven’t met before, you […]