Career Roadmaps: Do You Have One?

Wood cubes with word Future on an Old Map

Baseball legend Yogi Berra said a lot of things that caught people’s attention. One of the most famous was: “If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.” When applied to your career, that has a special meaning. Do you know where it’s going? Roadmaps figure in many different situations, […]

Your Job Search Plan & “Seasonal” Changes

Change Bowling Ball Strike Shaking Up for Adapting

In a larger sense, your entire career could be viewed as made up of seasonal shifts, from your first job out of college (spring) to your retirement and possible second-act role (winter).  Your job search might not have seasonal changes that correspond closely to those you experience in terms of climate-based alterations throughout the year, […]

Do You Have a Great Boss? Are YOU One?


You might be working for a really good company and happy with everything–EXCEPT your boss. If he/she is not even a good boss, let alone a great one, your work environment is probably what we call toxic. More than likely, you want out! How to Tell if You Have a really Bad Boss For the […]

Your Job Search: Do You Stand Out?


Once upon a time, you probably received only a handful of emails per day, so you could read each one and quickly dispose of those you weren’t interested in. Then the deluge hit! Now you’re likely to miss something important because it’s buried in the flood of irrelevancy. Something similar can happen with your job […]

Who’s Rooting for Your Career Success?

We Can Do It - 3 People Lifting Words

Do you think that conducting a successful job search means acting as a high-achieving “team of one”? Wrong! In fact, not even close. Of course, there are times when going it alone makes good sense or in some cases is necessary. However, rarely, if ever, will you find that’s the case with your job search. […]

Conflict, Office Politics & Your Career Success

Landscape of sun rise at Doi Inthanon

What do conflict and office politics have to do with your career success? Possibly a lot! And sticking your head in the sand (as the ostrich myth suggests) will not make these issues go away. Office politics might well have elements of conflict embedded, but they aren’t always about confrontation and overtly disruptive behavior within […]

Job Search as a Fun Activity?


When you think about conducting a job search, fun is probably not the first word that springs to mind. On the other hand, summer tends to be viewed by many people as a time for fun. How can you possibly bring those two views together? Job Search and FUN If you take each letter of […]

Unrealistic Expectations – Lighthearted Look at a Serious Situation

Executives would prefer to not change

If you encounter the specter of unrealistic expectations in your work environment–from your boss or others–you might wonder how it’s possible to take a lighthearted look at that potentially serious situation. However, I believe a little levity isn’t out of line and could help you navigate such a situation if (or when) you do encounter […]