Career Management in a “Down” Economy

Some people used to say that if you were having a tough time finding a new job in a down economy, you just needed to hang on and keep plugging away, because eventually the cycle would shift and things would get better. I’m generally an optimist, but there are some problems with that philosophy. I’ll […]

Career Tip: To Stress or Not to Stress

Whether you’re gainfully employed and reasonably secure or in the market for a new job to replace the one you lost, stress is probably a factor–something you’re forced to deal with if you don’t want it to overwhelm you. That’s the common perception of stress as a bad thing, and certainly if you’re experiencing potentially […]

Job Success: Make Others Look Great

Regardless of what you do on the job and when you’re pursuing a new job or career role, quality obviously matters. You certainly wouldn’t knowingly give less than your best to the situation. In fact, if you’re seriously invested in your job success or career advancement, you’re probably making a strong effort to excel in […]

Disorganized Job Search Slows You Down

Whether you’re currently in a job search or not, you need to be aware that disorganized job search activity can slow down your progress–sometimes considerably. Of course, not everyone is a highly organized, efficient person who dots all the i’s and crosses all the t’s. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t make a […]

How Valuable Are You to Employers?

Whether it’s your current employer or the company(ies) you’ll be targeting in your next job search, the question of your value takes center stage. If you can’t answer the question posed by this post, you’re probably in trouble! Employers flat-out will not take the time and effort to figure it out for you. Your Needs […]

New Job, New Career, New Beginnings

So we have now entered a new calendar year, which people often view as the time to make resolutions about what they plan to accomplish before the end of the year. Maybe you are one of those people. If so, I have a different approach to suggest to you–especially since it seems that resolution-makers too […]

Job Search 2013: Not for the Faint of Heart

Based on what we have been seeing over the past year–and more–job search in 2013 will not be for the faint of heart. If you want or need to plan and conduct a job search next year, you will need to have several things, not the least of which is enough determination to overcome the […]

10 Worst Cities for Job Seekers & Other “Fun” Facts

You’ve all seen those article headlines: 10 best, 10 worst, 10 steps to take or avoid, top 10 vacation spots and so on. That’s because we’re apparently suckers for lists (sometimes the number isn’t 10, but the concept still works). For serious job seekers, however, the lists of topics such as best and worst places […]