Recruiters and Your Job Search

Clients often ask me about using executive recruiters in their job search. My first response frequently addresses a key misconception about what recruiters do and don’t do, followed by a few cautionary pieces of advice. If you’re considering recruiters as part of your job search strategy, you might want to take note of this. Misconceptions […]

Job Interview Trauma – Please Don’t Ask This!

If you had to decide between going through an interview for a job you really want or having a tooth pulled, which would you choose? I wouldn’t be surprised if you opted for the tooth removal! At least it would be over with quickly, and you’d start feeling better soon. With the job interview, though, […]

Overcome Career Challenges – One Step at a Time

If anyone has ever had a career that progressed without a hitch from start to finish, I’ve certainly never heard of it. (Note: If you’re the exception to that, more power to you!) Sometimes you run into a speed-bump or even a significant roadblock on your journey to career success, and you might wonder two […]

Recruiters and Your Job Search

Are you trying to figure out how to work with recruiters (aka headhunters) in your job search? If you find this challenging, you’re undoubtedly not alone. It could be because you don’t have enough information about how they work or it could be for other reasons. While I don’t claim to be the #1 world […]

3 New Job Mistakes to Avoid

In a perfect world, your new job would be challenging but not overwhelming and you would move forward with no obstacles during the first 6 months to a year. Unfortunately you probably don’t live in a perfect world. At least no one I know does! Challenges undoubtedly will occur on your new job, and some […]

Career Tip: To Stress or Not to Stress

Whether you’re gainfully employed and reasonably secure or in the market for a new job to replace the one you lost, stress is probably a factor–something you’re forced to deal with if you don’t want it to overwhelm you. That’s the common perception of stress as a bad thing, and certainly if you’re experiencing potentially […]