One Thing You Should Never Do in a Job Interview

I could obviously list a lot more than one thing you should never do in a job interview. The list might well be endless! You can sabotage your job prospects in an interview through a variety of poorly planned actions. And you generally don’t get a second chance to come back and “fix” the impression […]

Got the Job Offer: Now What?

You might be tempted to throw a big, impromptu celebration when you receive a job offer–especially if it comes at the end of a long drought (prolonged unemployment). However, although I am generally an optimist, I caution clients to hold off on the celebration until a few key hurdles have been overcome. It really is […]

Tips for Multiple Interviews

If you receive a job offer after your first interview with a company, consider yourself extremely lucky! Over the years, it has become increasingly common to be put through a series of interviews before you get an offer–if you get one at all. And that is usually in addition to preliminaries such as a telephone […]