Self-Respect & Integrity in Your Job Search

Wouldn’t it be great if job searching were a “piece of cake,” with no real challenges or speed-bumps to get past? Theoretically, that would mean you wouldn’t face any serious tests of your self-respect and integrity during the job search. Is that likely to happen in practice? Maybe not. Even the best-planned and -executed job […]

Don’t Be a Job Search “Idiot”!

If you’ve never made any dumb or slightly silly mistakes in a job search, congratulations! On the other hand, an occasional misstep is probably not the kiss of death unless it’s seriously stupid. Look at it this way, though: If you don’t put your best foot forward when you’re planning and conducting a job search, […]

Job Search Tool: E-Notes Revisited

Quite some time ago, I wrote about an emerging job search trend–using something called “e-notes.” At that time, it was a fairly new concept as a job search tool. However, since then it has gained significant momentum as an alternative to a traditional cover letter. What an E-Note is and is Not Let’s start with […]