“Brag” About It–Employers Need to Know Your Accomplishments

This is not my typical blog post, but I wanted to prompt you to think about letting the “world” (potential employers) know about your professional accomplishments and career success record, in an appropriate way. My new “‘Brag’ About It” document: “Our memories are short. Can you remember all the details of the project you worked […]

Are You an Eeyore Job Seeker?

If you’re at all like me, you probably enjoyed the “Winnie the Pooh” stories as a child (and maybe still have a soft spot for them as an adult). So I was immediately intrigued when I saw an article by Jeff Davis titled “The Eeyore Candidate.” However, the title was the only whimsical aspect of […]

Research Target Companies on LinkedIn

By now, I’m assuming you’re already a member of the LinkedIn community. This post is about a way to make that membership work even better for you when you conduct a job search or want to improve your career management techniques. I believe anything that could give you a head-start on the competition for desirable […]