How Conferences Can Increase Your Value

As I’m preparing to attend the annual conference of one of my professional associations (October 3-6), I’ve been thinking about how a well-planned and well-presented conference can increase one’s value to employers. If you haven’t considered that aspect of your career management recently, I encourage you to give it some thought now. Why Attend Professional […]

Resume Advice for 2012: Points to Ponder

Yes, 2012 is starting the wind-down. However, I think resume advice for 2012 is still a good topic. For one thing, with probably few changes, you can reposition the resume tips for 2013! Some of what you will see below should be just commonsense, but if you have not considered these points recently, the refresher […]

Entrepreneurial Skills & Your Career Strategy

Whether or not you are–or ever expect to be–an entrepreneur, you could find it extremely useful to adopt some key entrepreneurial skills into your long-range career strategy, especially since the days of companies looking after the career well-being of their employees are way long gone. As some of you know, I do resume reviewing and […]