More Career Success Tips from Einstein

Einstein was such a great source of inspiration for career success tips that I could not fit everything into one post, so here is the second and final installment. Note: Einstein passed on 50+ years ago, but his words of wisdom are just as relevant now as they were then. Some things are timeless. If […]

Background Check Tip

A client recently brought this subject up because of an experience she has had that made her wonder whether something that was actually pretty innocent might boomerang on her in her job search. If you are in a job search now or considering one, this is something you should seriously put some thought into. Otherwise, […]

Facebook and Your Job Search–Another Tip

This is not the first time I have talked about Facebook and your job search. The topic is one of those that refuses to go away for job seekers, however much they might want it to! However, this tip actually is not one of mine; it comes from a blog post by Joshus Waldman of […]

Check Your Professional References!

The subject of references keeps cropping up, so I think it’s time to beat this drum again. If you haven’t checked recently to see what kind of shape your references are in, you might want to do it soon–for several reasons. For one thing, one or more of them might no longer give you the […]