Reference Checking & Your Job Search

You might be concerned about your references for a variety of reasons–uncertainty about what former employers will say, how they’ll say it, whether anyone might respond to inquiries with a negative reference, and so on. Especially if you left your last position under less than ideal circumstances–either voluntarily or involuntarily for reasons you weren’t happy […]

Background Check Tip

A client recently brought this subject up because of an experience she has had that made her wonder whether something that was actually pretty innocent might boomerang on her in her job search. If you are in a job search now or considering one, this is something you should seriously put some thought into. Otherwise, […]

Automated Reference Checking–It’s Not Your Friend

Whoa! This is not good news for job seekers! The whole situation of references and reference checking has recently started getting a lot more troublesome for you as a job seeker while it’s making life much easier for corporate recruiters and their employers. As you know, I’m inclined to be an optimist, but this development […]