How to Become Nearly Indispensable to Employers

You probably don’t think you’re really indispensable–most people don’t. However, the uncertainties you might face at work and in your journey to overall career success could prompt you to decide you’d better find a way to become indispensable if you want to make sure you can keep your job. The question is, of course, how […]

How’s LinkedIn Working for You?

Occasionally I still run across a client who doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile at all or has one that’s barely a skeleton of what it should be. Sometimes it’s because they don’t understand or don’t agree that it’s necessary. But it is. At least it is if you want to be taken seriously as a […]

Career Progress–Are You Ready to be a (Better) Leader ?

Obviously, not everyone can be a leader nor would everyone want to be. I’ve commented before that leaders–by definition–need followers. However, if you want to be a leader or are in a leadership role right now and just want to be a better leader (more influential, more highly compensated, or whatever), this topic might be […]