Cover Letters – Are They a Waste of Time?

Clients planning a job search often ask me if a cover letter would be worth doing. I tell them the answer is “yes,” “no,” or “maybe”! Most job seekers know they need a resume of some kind. For one thing, employers expect it. (Despite what you might read about resumes being on their way out, […]

Job Search Marketing – Who, Me? (Part 2)

The job search marketing strategy and plan aspects touched on in Part 1 barely scratched the surface of what you should consider when you contemplate launching a job search, if you want it to be successful. This time I want to go a little more into a couple of aspects of the job search strategy […]

Job Search Marketing – Who, Me? (Part 1)

You might not think of yourself as a marketer, unless marketing happens to be your career field. However, the concept of marketing in general offers numerous parallels to a job search. Broadly speaking, business marketing is communication between a company and its consumer audience, designed to encourage certain behaviors or actions. So, what’s job search […]